Watching Danny bounce around the stage is so mesmerizing. (x)

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Game Grumps Panel at SDCC (Part 1)

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Game Grumps Panel & Ninja Sex Party Concert at SDCC (Part 2)

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I can’t stop laughing

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how to confess to your crush

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When your online friend wakes up


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"sir, could you please name 3 words that start with a P"
pizza, park, morning

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should i message them again or am i just being really clingy and annoying: a life story by me



The donger fades into the abyss


that looks really weird

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WHEN is the world going to stop calling young band members fetuses, do u know what a fetus is

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Anonymous: "oh sorry i was unclear. i was referring to that "don't hate on trans people, but then don't hate on cis people" etc, "hate only breeds hate" post. i was just totally agreeing with what you posted about it"


Its okay its almost 3 am and i probably just didnt understand in my tired haze too. i mean i guess its cool that i laid my thoughts on the table regardless. but ah ya radical!! 

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Why don’t astronauts just visit the sun at night?

um obviously because it will be too dark to see anything, there’s no point, also because the sun is trying to sleep we wouldn’t want to disturb it

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